What are Hyper Gypsy Ratings?

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Traveling is not risk-free. Before laying out a travel plan, you often reach out to your social circle for suggestions because you want to minimize the risk and maximize your experience. That’s where recommendations from travelers can help. (By the way, did you know travelers and tourists are not one and the same thing? Look Here)

In my posts, you’ll often find that I rate places, services, food, and safety. Now if you’re wondering what you should conclude from my rating 3 stars for one place and 5 stars for another, let me make that easier for you to understand:


I’ve been told by my near and dear ones that I am pretty easy to be impressed. I have made a special note of that and you’ll notice that my reviews are critical and strongly opinionated. My judgments are based on my personal experiences as well as the feedback that I receive from the trusted readers and travelers. Like every other human, I reserve my right to be wrong and you reserve your right to point that out and correct me.

Wondering about how I choosing a place to visit in the first place? Let me give you a little bit of a background of how this works. I meet a lot of travelers, follow some amazing travel bloggers and read tons of travel articles.  That’s how I know where I want to be next. I make a travel plan based on the available resources and get, set, travel. Based on my travel experience, I share my recommendations with you. So let me just be brave and say, “I take the risks so you don’t have to!”

Don’t forget to leave a comment or two about your experiences. I love hearing travel stories. Also, If any of my ratings help you plan your travel and add value to your trip, then do come back and leave a short note. That’ll make my day!

Safe travels!

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15 Replies to “What are Hyper Gypsy Ratings?”

  1. Love the ratings. Great job. You definitely need to know more about the places you’re planning to go to. Doing some research and reading up about the place is the best way to make it happen. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  2. I like how you describe the meaning of the ratings. I have a similar rating system with my food blog. This is to guide readers on what to expect from each post.

  3. I am also easily impressed. The thing is, I have a different kind of taste most of the time. Do you have a post that mentions your favorite travelers? I would be happy to read that because I want to follow some travel blogs too.

  4. It’s really nice that you rate your adventures. Travelers have a lot of options when they travel so it really helps that they get a rating system and be able to choose the best alternative given the budget available.

  5. It’s great to set the record straight from the beginning regarding your ratings. Many people use the internet – and articles written – while the research period and in order to make a final selection when travelling or buying something.

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