26 Replies to “Solo Travel vs Group Travel”

  1. I have already tried travelling with friends and it’s so much fun. I haven’t tried solo travelling yet because I want to be with people and experience the same adventure with them. But I also want to try solo travelling someday.

  2. It doesn’t matter if I have people with me or not. Of course, it would also depend on where I’m going and why I’m going there.

  3. I have not tried traveling alone except work-related trips. In such cases, I always meet up with friends in my destination. I would prefer traveling with friends but I want to try traveling alone at least once in my lifetime.

  4. I can travel with a group or alone. There are perks either way. You have full control of time when you are alone but you have a greater sense of security when you are in a group.

  5. I usually travel with a group or with my wife. However, I have had the chance to travel alone too. I went to Singapore to catch a concert by myself, so I had a chance to join a historical tour that afternoon, something I know my kids will not be interested in when I am with them. Travelling alone gives you a lot of freedom to manage your time as you like it.

  6. Very true, it is dependent on many factors. But, there are some unique benefits of traveling solo and the earlier in life you realize that, the better it is, in my humble opinion.

  7. That’s well put. Indeed, there are benefits on both sides. The good part about being alone is that you get the blame and acclaim of all things you do!

  8. Alone! Alone! Alone! Okay, I guess there are varying answers to this question. I prefer to travel alone, as in plan it all myself. I don’t love group tours. I also very much enjoy traveling by myself, but also love the occasional group trips, as long as I get my alone time…does that make sense?! For example, I went on a trip with 5 of my best friends and had a great time, but the times I spent by myself exploring complimented the times we spent together.

  9. I totally get you, there are merits on both sides and it really depends on the situation. But at the same time, the ability to explore yourself and be the owner of both blame and acclaim of all your doings while traveling is where solo travel is unmatchable. Would you agree?

  10. I prefer traveling with my family and friends. I like that we all get to experience and share new sights and create memories together.

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