48 Hours Itinerary For Budapest

48 hours is just about the right time to get completely convinced that Budapest is worth a thousand more hours. I first visited Budapest in June, 2015 and have made three visits since then. In this post, you’ll see how Budapest has all the merits to get included in your upcoming Euro Trip.

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  • The currency of Budapest is Hungarian Forints (HUF). Euros are accepted widely and most of the ATMs dispense HUFs with American Credit/Debit cards.
  • I HUF = $0.003 (subject to economic dynamics). Are you ready to spend hundreds of thousands at Budapest?

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Hop on Hop Off : Hop on Hop off bus service is,in my humble opinion, the most convenient and economic public transportation in Budapest. There’s also metro. The best part is that, like the name suggests, you can hop off at any stop, wander around clicking pictures and learning about the place and then hop back on to the bus, as and when you like. Also, there’s high chances that you’ll quicly make friends with the strangers you meet in the bus! I recommend getting a two day pass for the bus.

Make your bookings in advance by clicking here –> Hop On Hop Off


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The limits of my language are the limits of my world.
‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language is the roadmap of a culture. If understanding a culture and making meaningful connections with the local residents is important to you as a traveler, then why miss out on learning the local language in advance? Over 6000 spoken languages exist in the world and mastering all is going to be tough. That’s why I am giving you a list of:

10 Most Useful Hungarian Phrases for Travelers

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Time to cover: 1-3 Hour

  • The Danube is the longest river in the European Union. It’s strong and swift as the name literally suggests.
  • I was overwhelmed to learn that it runs through 10 countries. Starting from the Black Forest, passing through ten countries, it ends into the Black Sea. Imagining a cruise already?


  • The Danube splits the city of Budapest into two towns – Buda and Pest. Try getting a good view that represents the split.
  • You should spend the first few hours hiking around the Danube to get a good hang of the place. Walk around, enjoy the solace and strike conversations with Hungarians!
  • Shoes on the Danube: This is a memorial on the east bank of the Danube, built in the honour of the Jews who were killed during World War II.


   “They were ordered to take off their shoes, and were shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river and were carried away.” 


Time to cover: 1-2 hour

  • One of the most visited locations in the Hungarian capital is Hero’s Square. The iconic structure was constructed to mark the 1000th anniversary of Hungary.
  • The panoramic view of the square makes it a photographer’s delight. Though, you’ll have to keep some patience to capture a good snap of the monument, as the square usually stays crowded with visitors.


  • If you have extra time, do check out the Museum of Fine Arts at the Hero’s Square.



Time to cover: 1 Hour

“The national lacks a home,” stated Mihály Vörösmarty, back in 1846

50 years later..

“Around 176 000 cord ground was moved, 40 million bricks were laid, more than half a million ornamental stones were carved,” 


  • When you visit the parliament building, do remember that it’s the 3rd largest parliament in the world.
  • There cannot be a bigger incentive of joining Hungarian politics than to be working from one of the 200 offices in this splendid parliament building, isn’t it?
  • You need to book your tickets in advance to get a tour inside the parliament and the tickets and schedule can be found here.
  • Nothing beats the night view of the Parliament.



Time to cover: 2-3 hours


  • The Danube embankments and the Buda Castle district have been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


  • I highly recommend that before visiting the Buda Castle, you should read about the history of Buda Castle. The castle was constructed on top of the Castle Hill in the 13th century (I am guessing the hill wasn’t called Castle Hill back then, for obvious reasons!).
  • The castle has been bombed and reconstructed several times since it was first constructed, most of the damage happened during World War II.
  • The history enthusiasts should revise the important events of the 50 days long Battle of Budapest, which finally ended with the city of Budapest surrendering to the Soviet forces. Buda Castle played a pivotal role in those 50 days.




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Time to cover: 2 hours



  • The boat cruise is very affordable, to start with, under $5. So don’t think twice before booking it. But, if you have a preference for special kind of boats, then make sure to book in advance.
  • Try getting the tickets for both, the evening and night tours. Tickets are usually available right from the deck of the boats parked by the river.
  • Audio tours are highly recommended.
  • On the fro side of the trip, you can get atop the roof of the boat, allowing the wind to hit you on your face and the Danube to mesmerize you with its enormousness.
  • I will let these picture speak a thousand words for themselves:




Time to cover: 1-2 hours

  • Budapest has 2 islands, Margaret Island being one of them. You can get there on a boat from Buda or Pest.
  • It’s a popular recreational area, ideal for a morning run and an evening walk or a morning walk and an evening run. Whatever suits you.
  • With a park, music fountain and a zoo, your family and pets will really love being on the Margaret Island.
  • If you’re on a family trip, kids are  going to love it.



Time to cover: 1-2 hours

  • I spotted 6 bridges during my visits. I read somewhere that there are 8 bridges across Budapest’s stretch of the Danube river. The two towns- Buda and Pest are connected to each other through these 8 bridges.
  • Again, here’s some delight for photographers..




  • The chain bridge was bombed in World War II and was later reconstructed. The chain bride is often hailed as the pride of Budapest. Though it was heartenign to see this image, that I later googles, which shows the bombed chain bridge.


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Nothing fulfils your curiosity than traveling does. I often say, “Traveling is the answer. The Question does not matter.”

While aimlessly wandering has its own set of unique pleasures, but, a travel guide can add a lot more meaning to your journey by connecting what you see with the historical facts and cultural traditions. Here’s a list of my favourite travel services in Budapest, who will add a lot more meaning to your journey in Budapest!

Budapest Local

BL faceook cover 02Budapest Local is a leading English media platform with articles and unique videos about Budapest as well as with products for travelers, including a fully customized itinerary, themed guides and a Budapest Craft Beer Tour.

Make Booking with Budapest Local


Context Travels

Context Travel provides small group (6 person max) and private tours for the intellectually curious traveler. Context runs walks in 37 international cities, all led by scholars who are passionate about guiding visitors on an experiential journey through these cultural capitals.

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Visites guidées à Budapest

947024_1138867292822111_9073097569567575851_nIn one day, you have a full historical and cultural view of Budapest with the most important places: Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square, Vajdahunyad Castle, Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Old Town of Buda with the Fisherman’s Bastion and Royal Castle.

Make Booking with Visites guidées à Budapest

Budapest Beyond Sightseeing

Gázgyár-150509-12340Our social-cultural tours are based on interactions, we use the buildings as theaters, and we lead your curiosity to places, that are hidden from the tourist, hidden from the public. We try to make Budapest your own thru meeting the people, hearing their stories, learning about all Hungarian subcultures.

Make Bookings with Budapest Beyond Sightseeings



Budapest Gyógyfürdői

10636561_935097646566191_8674701584474264465_oThe thermal baths of Budapest will not only cleanse, relax and rejuvenate you, but will also amaze you with their architectural beauty. These centers of health and recreation might even turn into party venues at nightfall. There’s no doubt about it, Budapest’s healing waters cater for all your senses.

Make Bookings with Budapest Gyógyfürdői

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Artizàn Budapest

12496444_1036647833073479_1091988475149815518_oWe make everything on the spot and use locally sourced and whenever possible organic ingredients which are always additive free. Our best selling dishes are the cardamom buns. These sweet pastry buns are flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon and delicious home made custard.

Visit Artizan Budapest

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We stayed at Boutique Hotel Zara, which is almost a 14 minutes walk from the Danube river. The hotel staff was very pleasant, spoke decent English and the interiors were remarkable. I’d stay there again!



  • Stay within a walkable distance of 10-15 mins from the Danube river.
  • The major bus stops and landmark locations are around the Danube river.
  • Don’t rely upon booking hotels on the spot, you may get overcharged.



It was around midnight and we were walking down the streets, coming back from a night cruise. 4 drunken men started following us, talking aloud in  Hungarian. Initially, we thought that they were seeking our help, but as they approached closer we quickly assessed that if anyone was in need of help, it was us and not them. We increased our pace, switched streets and somehow reached the hotel safely. That part of the night wasn’t a good experience.

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Place: Budapest, Hungary

  • Tourist-friendly: ★★★☆☆
  • Cost-effective: ★★★★☆
  • Pet-Friendly: ★★★★★
  • Food: ★★★☆☆
  • History and Culture: ★★★★★
  • Safety: ★★☆☆☆
  • Nightlife: ★★★★★

Overall Travel Ratings: ★★★★☆


Hyper by Nature, Gypsy by Choice: Shivansh Chaudhary

Download my itinerary on Pebblar by clicking on this link

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    one of my cousins studied abroad in europe and said Budapest was one of his favorite cities. I’ve never been there, but the architecture looks amazing!

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