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          How do you keep your travel essentials safe and accessible?

Neither am I the first one who was pickpocketed on the crowded streets of an asian market, nor am I the only one who’s misplaced dollar bills, credit cards or even passport while on-the-move! Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there or known someone who’s been there at some time! With your purses hanging on your shoulders and wallets sticking out of your butt, your travel essentials are cleary not safe! What’s the solution? Do you put all the essential stuff deep inside one of the pockets of your backpack? Or do you slide them into the pockets of your mobile phone cover? The former is not easily accessible and the latter is not safe! Is there a solution that is both safe and easily accessible. Covert clip claims to be that solution.

2 weeks ago I received the covert security wallet in my mailbox and I’ve been using it over the past two weeks as a replacement for my wallet and I also got a chance of using it during one of my airplane trips. Here’s my review:



Fits all my travel essentials 

What are you travel essentials? When it comes to me, it’s mobile phone, passport, driver’s license, credit card, some cash, house keys and boarding pass or tickets. Neither our pockets nor our wallets can fit in all of these! But, I could easily fit all of these items in the covert clip. The product design is simple, elegant and thought well!



Conceals inside the clothes

One of the best parts about the wallet is that it easily conceals inside your clothes. For example, you can discretely clip it to your jeans, as shown in the image below. The clips are hanging out so there is no worry of metal touching your skin and all the essentials are covered so you’ll never attract the pickpocketers.



I have a passport, boarding pass, credit card and some cash in the wallet and as you can see, unlike a regular wallet that would start bulging out, covert wallet looks pretty thin!



RFID Blocking Wallet

Do you know that it’s possible read all of your details from your credit card, driver’s license and passport without swiping them? The RFID technology can remotely read these details from an RF information chip that is embedded in your cards and this is called RFID skmming! Covert Clip has a built in RFID blocking that protects your cards from being skimmed wirelessly. This makes the wallet even more protected not just from pickpocketing but from cyber threat as well.


Readily accessible 

On most occasions your one hand is busy texting on the mobile phone, holding a burger or pointing fingers at other (which is bad). So the other hand is all you have, to grab your essentials when eneded. The makers of the Covert Clip wallet thought of that and designed it in a way that its easilly accessible with one hand. There are no zippers and the pockets are just tight enough to hold things safe at the same time allow you to grab something out without any resistance.




  • I didn’t see much variety in designs, although a simple black design is not bad!
  • For women wearing a skirt or a dress, I’m not sure if it would be more valuable to use than a regular small purse.
  • My one plus one seemed to be too large for the wallet, although it does claim to be able to hold phones of the size of iPhone 6


In summary..

The Covert wallet is a safe and easy to access solution for carrying your travel essentials with you! It’s smartly designed to be concealed inside your clothes and is protected against RFID tracking on your cards. It can conveniently hold you passport, license, boarding pass, cash, keys and credit cards all in one place! There are some limitations, though:

So what are you waiting for?

If you like the product, order your own from

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration between me and Covert Clip. The idea behind the review is purely informational and all the views presented are my own, like always.


          How do you keep your travel essentials safe and accessible?

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  1. I am interested in anything that improves safety. But it looks quite big and I wonder how it would really fit in your jeans?

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