Raw Talent in China: He Sings For The Nature

Who is he? A Professional Singer? A Music Teacher? No. 

During my recent trip to China, on one fine evening, I was out for some food exploration. While I was waiting for my table to clear up at a restaurant which was going to be at least 45 mins long, I decided to explore the nearby places. Just by the other end of the road, I saw an entrance to what was apparently a state park. I got an entry ticket, which cost me 1 RNB, and the view was spectacular, floral gardens, trees, and beautiful long corridors. But, what was even more mesmerising was a high pitched melody that I could hear coming from a distance. I approached towards the source of the sound and I saw this, full-of-grace, Chinese man singing to himself, facing the trees. I stood behind him, shooting a video and waiting for him to finish before I ask for his permission. Within a few seconds, I was in awe of his singing abilities and when he stopped, I asked for his permission to post this video on HyperTrypsy. Not only did he readily agree to it, further, he sang another song especially for the followers of HyperTrypsy! When I asked him about his inspiration for singing was, he said it was the love for nature!

Later, I found out that the older generation in China, mostly those who have taken retirement, like to come to such parks in the evenings and practice different forms of creative arts to keep themselves happy and joyful!

Isn’t it awesome? Have you spotted such raw talent during your trips? If so, please share in the comments.

Also, does any of you understand the lyrics of the song? If so, please message me on FB or comment below!



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