5 Reasons Why Traveling Is A Waste Of Time

I know that many of you have stumbled upon this thought in your mind as well, but, you’re too afraid to say it out loud. However, I’ll break the shackles of fear and openly proclaim that travleing can be a complete waste of time. Before I give out the supporting reasons for my not-so-pleasing statement, let me tell you that I have “WASTED” my last few weeks wandering in the crowded streets of China trying out some delicious food for the first time,  meeting with some warm hearted people of the breathtaking Big Bend area of Texas, driving through the scenic beauty of the pacific bay area in California and eating the famous Texan BBQ while attending live concerts in Austin, the music capital of  USA. Having wasted so much time on all these activities in the past few weeks,  I can tell you how traveling can be an utter waste of time!


1. Traveling is a waste of time if…

You are compeltely satisfied with your mundane, boring life!


2. Traveling is a waste of time if…

You are aversive to mental growth and gaining new perspectives!


3. Traveling is a waste of time if…

The vastness of the universe haunts you, when exploring new places!


4. Traveling is a waste of time if…

You’ve seen it all in your past lives!


5. Traveling is a waste of time if…

You believe that virtual reality is a cheaper way of traveling around the world.



I know that there are many other reasons outside the 5 listed above, for why traveling can be such a waste of time and I’d love to hear your reason in the comments below.


P.S. I am deeply committed to wasting a lot more of my time in traveling and I highly recommend the same to you!

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