How to use Hootsuite – A Social Media Management App 

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Recently I was chatting with fellow travel and tech bloggers and we were talking about how difficult and time consuming it gets for us to manage all of our social media activities in different apps. Hiring a social media assistant is one option, but it’s expensive and doesn’t always work well.

That’s when I learned about Hootsuite – social media management app. This app manages all of your social media activities on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and schedules your posts as per your convenience.

How To Use Hootsuite by HyperTrypsy

Here are some simple steps to use the app:
1. Link you social media accounts with the app, in this case, HyperTrypsy:

2. Choose the social media account and activity that you’d like to schedule:

3. Write your post. In this case, it’s a tweet:

4. Now, you have three option to schedule this tweet – Send Now, AutoSchedule or custom schedule:

4. Send now will send it immediately, auto-schedule will schedule it automatically and custom schedule will be based on your choice:

5. And you’re done! You can manage your scheduled posts here:

So that’s how easy it is to manage you social media accounts! Let me know in comments below if you find this useful or have some suggestions to make this better!

Happy Blogging!

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