The Good Cards Game: Let Your Good Deeds Travel Around The World!

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Five years ago…

..I started solo traveling around the world because I was craving to explore the places that I hadn’t yet seen, taste authentic cuisines that I hadn’t yet tried, and become friends with people that I hadn’t yet met. As I began traveling, I started realizing the diversity of this universe, offering a vast variety of terrains, culture and traditions, languages, religion, cuisines, people and their perspectives. What I also realized is that the one thing that unifies us despite the diversity of this universe is the act of kindness. Whatever region, religion or belief system one may hold, all of us equally understand and reciprocate to an act of kindness. During the last 5 five years of my solo traveling, I can recollect numerous experiences of kind gestures by complete strangers out of unconditional support and I might never be able to return those favours but the least that I can do is to be always willing to be good and do good deeds for anyone (known or unknown) out of the sheer spirit of kindness.

The Good Cards!!

Recently, I came across a company on Twitter by the name – The Good Cards and I felt naturally inclined to learn more about them. I found out that they have made a real life game that inspires people to spread happiness by doing good deeds. Doesn’t this sound novel and noble? Yes, indeed and so, I connected with Pawel Alva, founder of the Good Cards, and I was deeply impressed with his vision of changing the world by doing one good deed at a time. Here’s how Pawel describes the game:

“The Good Cards is the first game in the world that is happening in real life where people receive good deed missions toward collective goals which to help people create a better world. Unlike Pokemon Go, the entire game is a “real life” game. The entire game of The Good Cards is played in “real life” “real time” and in the “real world” where dreamers can have a collective impact on a better world.”


How to play the game???

Now, let me share some simple steps to play this real-life game of kindness!

Grab your Good Card: Yes, you need a physical card ( made of biodegradable material) to begin this game! Wondering how you could get one? If you’re lucky, a stranger or a friend, already playing the game, might pass one to you anonymously, along with a good deed. Alternatively, you can proactively buy a deck of 6 cards at a small price of $2, which will also count as your contribution towards the Good Cards Kickstarter campaign!  

Get the app: The next step is to download the Good Cards app, which is available both on iOS and Android platform. You can simply register and login using your Facebook credentials and you’ll be up and running within seconds! 

Scan the code: Now that you have a card in your hands and the app downloaded, flip the card and scan the QR code using the app! This is when the game begins and a mission gets assigned to you! You may choose to accept the mission or if you’re getting creative then you can design your own mission for a good deed!

Do a good deed: Now go ahead and accomplish your good deed by doing it for a friend or a complete stranger. You can do this anonymously if you like! This will be the most enjoyable part of the game where you will be bringing a smile on someone’s face, and your’s of course, unconditionally!

Pass the card: Remember to pass on the card to the recipient of your good deed. This is how your card and your good deed, travels around the world!

Share your story: Return to the app and log the story of your mission accomplished. Share the details of what inspired you to do the deed and how you felt after doing it. This story will be etched on the journey of the card and act as a source of inspiration for other who are playing this game of kindness!

Track the card: As your card gets passed with one one good deed to another, you can track the journey of kindness on the app! Every time someone scans the QR code on the card, a new step is added to the journey of your card! You’ll be proud to see how your good deed is traveling around the world and having a positive influence on the lives of others!

Move to the next mission: The game doesn’t end at one good deed! After successfully accomplishing the first mission, you unlock the next one and so on so forth. Now, repeat the steps and enjoy the process of finding creative ways to add more happiness to the world with your good deeds!

My First Mission in the game!!

As soon as I learned about this game, I couldn’t resist getting started with this game. Pawel sent me my first deck of cards when I was traveling in Honolulu, Hawaii and quickly downloaded the app!

The card is pretty light, beautifully designed and easily fits in my wallet. I scanned the QR code through the app and received my first mission:

Kindness, acceptance, generosity – it all starts with you, Literally! So give yourself some love. Do something big or small that puts a grin on your face and makes your heart soar.

Amusing, isn’t it! Charity begins at home, they say! This mission got me thinking of what it was that I have been really wanting to do, but for one reason or the other, I wasn’t able to make it happen so far.

Painting is the first thing that came to my mind! 

Mom keeps telling me stories about how good I was I was at drawing in my school days, but, I never got any professional training or for the matter, even thought about continuing drawing or sketching as a hobby. Every time I’d pass by the Hobby Lobby store, the thought of buying art equipment for myself would cross my mind. But, I just brushed it (pun intended) aside every single time. Now, was the time! I went to the Hobby Lobby store and bought myself a stand, sketch board, drawing sheets and pencils and sat by the Waikiki beach in Hawaii to draw my very first piece of art in a long time. 

Doing something thoughtful for myself made me feel really happy and accomplished. I must say that after doing this for myself, I am highly motivated to bring a smile on someone else’s face by doing something for them in a selfless fashion. That’s the thing about good deeds, you do some you get some!

By the way, here is the progress on my painting so far. I hope to finish it soon! 


The next mission in the game!!!

After successfully accomplishing the first mission, I unlocked the next one and I have 7 days to complete it. I’m very excited about the next mission in the game, especially because I’m traveling to India on vacation and I’ll meet so many strangers that I can do this good deed for and to pass on the good card!

Let’s support The Good Cards

Unlike the other online games or apps where you use virtual resources to grow virtual crops on a virtual farm for a virtual village, this is a real life game where you do actual good deeds for real people and others do the same for you. What are you waiting for? Join hands with us in this revolutionary initiative to grow kindness and happiness in the world, that too, in a fun way! Grab your first good card and find someone to do a good deed for! Share your story, tell the world how you feel after doing the good deed and become a role model for others! You can also connect with millions of others who are like minded and love doing good deeds for others! Let’s make a community of good and kind people!

Join the revolution of kindness!!

To begin with, you can show your support for Pawel and his team by contributing to the Kickstarter Campaign for The Good Cards, which is going phenomenally well so far. In return for your valuable contribution, you can get your first deck of good cards that will be an entry point for you in the game and a lot more!  Click here and grab your cards quickly! I’m waiting to read your stories of good deeds on the app!

I strongly believe that when you do good things, good things happen to you. If you also believe in the power of kindness and are inspired by this idea then hurry and get yourself a deck of cards so you can start your own card and track how you create a chain reaction of kindness all around the world.

Click here to join the revolution of kindness!

Please do come back and share your stories of kindness with me! I am eagerly waiting for you to join us in this game and make this world a better, kinder and a happier place to live in!



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