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Managing and sharing your travel journal can be painful..

Documenting my travel journeys and writing stories is an essential part of my travel experience. The excitement of being able to share my journey on the move and getting real-time suggestions and messages from my friends and family immensely enhances my travel experience. However, creating and managing photo albums, writing journals, recording memos and videos, managing all of them in one place and sharing it, all while I am on the go, can get overwhelming and exhausting in no time. That is why, I mostly have to wait till I return from a trip before I get to organizing all of my travel albums and journals, using more than a dozen apps, storing it on the google drive or icloud, and finally, getting to share it with my friends and family. Not only is this inconvenient, but also, it’s not nearly as exciting as being able to create, manage and share my journey on the go! 

Travly understands the pain of managing and sharing your travel log!

Travly is a one-stop solution for creating, managing and sharing your travel log, such as, photo albums, videos, journals and memos, on the go. It also tracks your travel journey and shows it on a map, making it easy for you or your friends to see where all you’ve been. The best part is that you don’t have to juggle multiple apps as Travly allows you to get the job done, right from clicking a picture, to editing it, adding captions and voice memos, managing photos/albums by location, as well as sharing it with friends and family whenever you want.

Key features of Travly 

  • Create photo and video albums of your travel 

You can simply create photo and video albums on the go or create new albums and import photos and videos from your past travels.  Travly allows you to add finesse to your photos with editing features, such as, filters, effects, resizing, changing contrast, tone and brightness, etc. You can also add descriptions to your photos and albums, for providing a better context. Another added benefit is the your albums are safely stored in the cloud, so that if you ever lose your phone then you can simply log back into the account from another device and recover all your photos and albums. Here’s a snapshot of a photo on my Travly profile:

  • Organize files by destination and edit photos

On Travly, you can sort and organize your photo albums by location, making it easy for you to manage your travel logs on the move, and look back at your memories from a trip at any time! Travly eliminates the pain of sorting jumbled up albums and looking for hard to find photos. Further, Travly plots the journey of your photos or albums on a map, making it easy for you to track your journey and share albums with your friends and family. Here are some of my photo albums on Travly:

  • Record voice memos on the move 

When I’m traveling, I often like to record voice memos to capture my feelings in that moment. Also, at times, it’s easier to record voice memos instead of taking notes, especially in crowded areas or while driving. Travly allows you to record voice memos and add them to your photos and albums to remember the important moments and capture specific details, conversations or memories. Notice the record button, highlighted in green, in the snapshot below –

  • Share your albums with friends and family 

Travly makes it very simple for you to share a photo or a full album, with photos, videos, and memos, with your connected friends and family. You can also receive albums from your friends and see their journeys plotted on a map. The albums can be shared with your connected friends and family through facebook messenger, email, text message or the app itself. Notice the share button, highlighted in green, in the snapshot below –

Key Takeaway 

  • Travly is a one-stop solution for creating, managaing, & sharing your travel journal on the go!
  • You can record voice memos for photos and albums, to remember the important moments and specific details!
  • You can see your journeys plotted on a map and easily share it with your friends and family!

Founder’s words

Travely is an app designed by travelers for travelers. Graham Wood, Founder of Travly, strongly beleives that Travly is an ultimate tool for avid photographers, both amateur and professional. In his words, here is the vision for Travly

I really needed to organise my travel photos so we created Travly to help you create, manage and share photos on the go. Travly helps you tell your story with pictures.

– Graham Wood, Founder of Travly

Getting started on Travly

Are you ready to start creating, managing, and organizing your travel journey in one place?

Go Download Travly from the App Store!

I’d love to follow your travel journeys and share mine with you on Travly!

Please leave your comments and feedback on the comments section below!

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